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Pokemon Fan Art Shows What Flutter Mane and Misdreavus Would Look Like Upside Down

A Redditor known as Aheradin turned official artwork of Misdreavus and Flutter Mane upside down. The inversion makes it look as if the two Pokemon have flowing mustaches and beards, along with hair tied up with beads. Flutter Mane resembles a dark version of the Fairy-Type Togekiss, with the spikes that are now on its belly giving off a sinister vibe. The new perspective of the two creatures helps transform them into something players have never seen before and gives a new take on a Pokemon that has been around for quite some time.

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Pokemon fans have enjoyed Aheradin's images of Misdreavus and Flutter Mane, and have raised the post to over 15,000 upvotes so far. One commenter stated that the upside down Misdreavus looks like an AI tried to make a Ghost-Type Stoutland, while another mentioned the same about Flutter Mane and Togekiss. A user thought that the Ghost-Type looked like a male version of itself due to the mustache, while they felt that the Paradox Pokemon resembled a fish. Aheradin's change of perspective for Misdreavus and Flutter Mane gave gamers a fun new way to look at the pocket monsters through a very simple change in positioning.

As the generations of the Pokemon series have gone by, gamers have seen older pocket monsters in ways that were not presented in the older titles of the franchise. Players were initially given a few sprites for each creature, but gained new views of them as the graphics of the games improved. Now fans of the RPGs are given full 3D models of every Pokemon, showing off aspects that would not have been visible in the early days of the series. Aheradin has also given gamers a new way to look at things, though through a very simple method that gave more change than most players would have expected.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are available now for Nintendo Switch.